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Since we set up the company,  we have been creating the highest quality bed linen, as well as accessories for physiotherapy and health care. We specialise in magnetic therapy. Our range is constantly updated with new products.
Our woolenwear products, including the magnetic therapy range, i.e. quilts, pillows, warmers and mattresses are listed in the Register of Medicinal Products under the number  PL/DR 010802. These products meet the specifications outlined in EU Directive 92/42/EEC for medicinal products and carry the CE symbol. 



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It may interest you to know that our collection is made from top-class Merino wool from sheep herds in Australia and New Zealand, as well as wool from cashmere goats and camel hair.

Merino is the world's most prized and widespread wool type. Its high durability is a result of the climatic conditions the sheep inhabit. The significant fluctuations in temperature (from  40°C in the day to 0°C at night) lead to an exceptional dynamic in the fleeces and a great capacity for contraction and expansion. This particularly useful feature remains long after the fleece has been shorn and processed. It is to this trait that our products owe their exceptional durability.

Super Wash (SPW) means that the fabric has undergone a specialised refining technique.

Fabric which has been subjected to such treatment becomes incredibly soft, delicate and silky. When in use, it keeps its keeps its original shape for an incredibly long time. After the SPW, it is dirt-resistant and can be cleaned in a washing-machine (using the wool programme) in temperatures of up to 30°C.

Differences between our collections:

  • weight, i.e. pure wool content per m2 of fabric
  • type and amount of luxury fibres (cashmere, camel hair) added to the Merino
  • method of treatment employed
  • type of  warp


Collection Fabric Woolmark  Properties

100 % Merino

 X exclusive, soft, fine, delicate; close shorn, dense hair; top-quality warp; silky to the touch
Kashmir Merino with cashmere goat wool  X elegant, warm and soft; long, dense hair, excellent warp, delicate to the touch
Camel Merino with camel hair  X classical elegance à la  "Out of Africa"; available in several colours
Merino 100% Merino  X excellent quality 100% Australian and New Zealand sheep's wool; classic and beautiful
Wooldream 100% sheep's wool   light, warm and pleasant to the touch, high quality for an affordable price